Marble Awareness Roadshow by Unbosi - Arts Festival in Great Yarmouth, Great Yarmouth - Great Yarmouth

Marble Awareness Roadshow by Unbosi


Our smaller arm of the UN is researching pockets of inspiration emanating from the ground in the form of odourless, colourless gas. Not surprisingly, we’ve discovered significant amounts of the stuff around the UK.

Join our marbleologists as we locate and transfer this gas into specialist glass memory pebbles (aka marbles).

We’ll then supercharge our inspirational spheres by shooting them through magnificent water-powered contraptions. Once done, send your newly-genius marble to a world leader who’s lost their own.

Pitch D5

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Map & Directions

Marble Awareness Roadshow by Unbosi

Type:Arts Festival

Marine Parade, Beach side of Jetty Car park, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2EJ

Tel: 01493 745458

Opening Times

Season (18 Sept 2021 - 19 Sept 2021)
Saturday - Sunday12:00

* Duration of show 6 hours
Pitch D5