The Fishermen’s Hospital, historic Almshouse, Grade I listed building - Heritage Open Day in GREAT YARMOUTH, Great Yarmouth - Great Yarmouth

The Fishermen’s Hospital


The historic Oval Plaques, on the right and left of the main gate are an interesting read on the rules for the beneficiaries as well as the donations made to maintain this low-cost accommodation.  

What you see in the courtyard today is in fact almost exactly as it looked over 300 years ago. The 20 doors leading to 20 individual cottages at that time. The door would open into one room on the ground floor with a large fireplace for cooking and heating and either a spiral staircase or a ladder leading up to an attic room which probably had hammocks hanging from the eaves for sleeping. There was a water pump and earth closet privies in the yard.  This might seem uncomfortable to most, however compared to what the fishermen had been used to the hospital was luxury to them.

The bench beneath the plaque is a reproduction of the original which was on the opposite side and this is shown in an old painting, a copy of which is on show in number 8. The statue of Charity in the middle of the yard is the first and only freestanding statue in the town. The cupola above is home to Saint Peter, Patron Saint of Fishermen, he is made of wood. The coal houses through the archway are used as storage today.

Formal presentations will take place at 11am and 2pm on open days.

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The Fishermen’s Hospital, historic Almshouse, Grade I listed building

Type:Heritage Open Day

Fishermens Hospital, GREAT YARMOUTH, Norfolk, NR30 1ND

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Season (16 Sept 2021 - 18 Sept 2021)
Thursday - Saturday10:00 - 16:00